Airtech A4000 High Performance Fluoropolymer Release Film .002" Thick 6" width 100 Yard Roll

Unit of Measure:
100 Yard Roll

Airtech A4000 High Performance Fluoropolymer Release Film 6" wide 100 yard roll.

A40OO release film is a high temperature and high elongation release film which will conform easily to the most complex curvatures. The film is capable of temperatures up to 500°F (260°C), This film will release from most resin systems and will provide a glossy finish when removed from laminate. 

Good elongation and softness reduces bridging in corners resulting in less rework on resin rich corners
High visibility colors reduces risk of leaving film on cured parts or confusion between perforation styles.
Excellent release from cured parts, film comes off easily and leaves a glossy finish.

    Test Method
Material Type FEP   
Elongation at Break 300%  ASTM D 882
Tensile Strength 3000 psi(21 MPa) ASTM D 882
Maximum Use Temperature 500°F (260°C)  
Materials to Avoid  Compatible with most resin systems  
Color  Violet  
Width 6" / 15.24cm  
Thickness .002"  
Shelf Life  Unlimited when stored in original packaging at 72°F (22°C)   


The maximum use temperature is dependent upon the duration at maximum temperature and is process specific, We recommend testing prior to use.

TDSAirtech A4000 TDS