707-019 Duratec Styroshield Primer - 1 Gal

Ground Only

Duratec StyroShield Primer is an air-cure polyester primer that can be applied directly to poly-styrene foam (Styrofoam™). When cured, StyroShield forms a barrier that allows the use of conventional polyester laminating resins, tooling putty, or other Duratec products.

Duratec StyroShield Primer is the right choice for Making patterns from low-cost polystyrene foam Making prototype molds, or mold-direct construction Anchoring decorative paints onto polystyrene foam Sealing forms for cast concrete Sealing architectural fixtures

In addition, StyroShield  Contains microspheres, which provides insulation for polystyrene foam and allows polystyrene foam to be substituted for urethane foam

Catalyst (MEKP 925) is NOT included with this product but can be purchased separately HERE

Mix, Catalyze and Use:

  • Application through HVLP Spray Systems or dump guns.
  • Tip size of 2.5 mm (100 mil) or larger is recommended
  • Use 15 cc/quart or liter of Syrgis 925 or a comparable MEKP catalyst. (2% by weight)
  • Thorough mixing is required. Use a drilldriven mixer or paint shaker.
  • The microspheres will float to the top, and form a hard crust. The crust can be mixed back into the Primer. When possible, store the StyroShield Primer container upside down
  • Topcoat or laminate over StyroShield when the surface has to cured until a slight tack remains. No coating should transfer when the coating is touched.
Product Properties  
All time calculations are based on temperatures of 77°F, 25°C  
Viscosity at 20 rpm (As measured on a Brookfield Viscometer Model RVF, Spindle #2 at 20 rpm) 1800 to 2000 cps
Thixotropic Index Minimum 4
Gel Time (2% MEKP 925) 30 to 60 minutes
Color Dark Gray Liquid
Cure time (until tacky, no transfer) at 72° F and 20 mils film thickness Approximately 2.5 hours

Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide below for additional information on cure times, application methods, and equipment needed to properly use this material.

Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide Duratec 707-019 TDS
SDS Duratec 707-019 SDS
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