700 Vinyl Ester Laminating Resin - 1 Gallon with Hardener MEKP 925

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700 Vinyl Ester Resin - 1 Gallon. Vinyl Ester resin is superior in every property as compared to all polyester resins. This product is used in high performance applications which high strength and maximum heat tolerance is necessary. This resin is extremely chemical resistant when cured and similar in strength to epoxies with increased stiffness. Color is Dark Amber/Purple. The appropriate amount of Hardener / Catalyst is included (MEKP 925 or Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide). Mixing instructions and measuring device is included as well. The amount of MEKP needed will vary depending on the thickness of the casting.

Viscosity, Brookfield Model LV #3 Spindle @ 60 rpm, 77°F (25°C) 475-675 cps
Thixotropic Index 2.5-3.2
100 grams resin @ 77°F (25°C), initiated with 1.2% MEKP 925 by volume *  
Gel Time 25:00-30:00 minutes
Gel to Peak Exotherm Time 10:00-20:00 minutes
Peak Exotherm 320-380°F (160-193°C)
Non-Volatile Content 51.0-56.0%
Specific Gravity 1.00-1.03

The item has a shelf life of approximately four months. To ensure proper curing, please make sure to use the resin within this timeframe.

This item is flammable and can only be shipped by ground. If you paid for expedited shipping, we will refund you the difference for it to be shipped by ground.

SDS700 Vinyl Ester Resin SDS

TDS700 Vinyl Ester Resin TDS

SDSMEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) SDS