6. Epoxy, Polyester, & Vinyl Ester Resins

Here you will find our selection of Epoxy, Polyester and Vinyl Ester resins. We have a variety of resins for many uses such as Lamination, Infusion, Tooling or Casting. Our main focus is on specialty resins. We carry a few resins which cure absolutely clear. These resins give an appearance unlike many other resins out there. We use many of these same resins for items that we produce on a regular basis. If you don't see a resin that will work for you, just contact us and we can help you find a resin that will fit your needs.



Due to recent weather events in parts of the U.S. as well as the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, our suppliers are experiencing significant delays in providing a number of products to us. We are diligently working with these suppliers to mitigate any shortages of product however this & delays are inevitable at the current time.

Below is a list of current product delays & we will update as necessary:

  • All PRO-SET Resins require a minimum of 3 weeks lead time when ordering
  • All Vinylester resins are unavailable till mid/late-May
  • Urethane expanding foams may become delayed depending on order volume

We thank you for your understanding & patience while we work through these volatile times.