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4:1 Two Part Thin Epoxy Resin System Kit 1.25 Gallons

Model: 538-Kit

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The Thin Epoxy Resin is a high quality resin system which works well for lamination of Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber or Kevlar. This epoxy has a syrup like consistency and will wet-out materials very quickly. This makes it very easy to work with. The epoxy is low odor. In addition to lamination of materials this epoxy also works very well as a sealer for porous materials such as wood, because of its ability to easily penetrate the materials. Resin viscosity: 600 cps.

This resin uses a 4:1 hardener. Mixing 4 parts epoxy to 1 part hardener will give you the appropriate final mixture.

The 4:1 hardener has a pot life of 15 minutes at 80° F, set time of 1-2 hours and a drying time of 3-4 hours.

This is considered to be a fast hardener, Our 2:1 and 3:1 hardener epoxies will cure much slower. However this 4:1 hardener will provide you with the most rigid laminate due to its extremely fast curing time.

Notice: This product may Blush.

The item has a shelf life of approximately one year. To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase.

MSDSThin Epoxy Resin MSDS

MSDS4:1 Hardener MSDS

 PDF Epoxy Mixing Guide

  • Model: 538-Kit
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Vuong Vo
Penetrates and cures rigid like the vinyl ester resin. Quality stuff.